The Adventures Of "Yea But", Forgiveness 101

Explore the benefits and freedom of forgiveness through the personal testimonies of leaders who have made the heroic choice to forgive. This Forgiveness 101 course doesn't have all of the answers. It is a tool that will guide you to find answers and practical tips that will help you integrate this message into your own life.

Meet the instructor

Chuck Jansen

Chuck Jansen, a member at Church Of The Ascension, has developed a very effective process for helping people gain helpful insights into forgiveness. He is available to come to your church or organization to provide this valuable experience fo your organization and family.

Chuck has a theology degree from Loyola University in Chicago and has been married to his wife, Diane, since 1980; they have 3 grown up children. He has facilitated a variety of adult formation classes over the past 20 years. He has a special passion for helping people experience the transforming power of forgiveness in their lives.
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